Past ICO

Finished before 384 days

Time: 26.03.2018 - 01.06.2018


Algebraix Data is a blockchain technology company that promises to reward users for their personal data. Individuals can own and monetize their own personal data, selectively selling that data to advertising networks in exchange for compensation.

The Algebraix Data platform consists of a secure, permission-based ad network based on the blockchain. The platform uses the ALX cryptocurrency.

Overall, Algebraix Data sees itself as “the algebra of data” and as the “new foundation of the data economy”.

Algebraix Data allows users to secure, command, and make productive user of their personal data.

That personal data includes a wide range of information sources and data points. Some of the points mentioned in the Algebraix Data whitepaper include personal information, personal documents and credentials, interests and preferences, personal history, health information, memberships, financial data, digital possessions, titles, and purchase history, among other things.



  • Minimum investment 10 USD
  • Price per token 0.004 USD
  • Token Name ALX

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