A One Stop Solution Trading Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

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Past ICO

Finished before 448 days

Time: 16.01.2018 - 03.04.2018


How can a new exchange compete with some of the existing industry behemoths – Binance, Bittrex, etc.?

Bitto Exchange differentiates itself from these exchanges by offering its users much more than just the ability to buy and sell a particular cryptocurrency across its platform.This along with a low circulating supply of just 24 Million coins, this can be seen as a huge hint to the possible prices it may achieve.

Sure, users can trade cryptocurrency using the Bitto platform, but they can also earn and gain rewards through a number of other methods:
• Lending – through the platform’s peer to peer lending facility, users can lend to other users using a cryptocurrency backed loan facility by Bitto, and earn daily interest of up to 18%. This can only be done with users from the same country.
• Signal – Experienced traders that use the Bitto platform can register to allow other traders to follow and, in turn, copy, their trading activity.


Low Supply of 3 Million at the time of writing, One Stop Solution with Signal, Lending, Staking rewards and Trading.

  • Price 1 BITTO = 1 USD
  • Hard cap 30,000 ETH
  • Soft cap 1000 ETH
  • Token BITTO
  • Platform Ethereum


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Nic Chin Co-Founder
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Steph Sim Co-Founder

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