Decentralized Development Automation Platform

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Time: 01.08.2018 - 29.10.2018


Buddy, partnered with industry leaders such as Amazon, Docker, Github, Microsoft, and Google, is a winning development automation platform that serves a rapidly growing market valued to become $345 billion by 2022. Over 7,000 developers use Buddy every day across 120+ countries. Featured customers: INC. Magazine, CGI.com & ING Bank. Our vision is to become the backbone on which talented people can build world-altering apps & services. Our goal is to take the load off millions of developers by offloading everything that can be automated – giving them back the time for being creative.


  • Token Name BUD
  • Platform and Token Type Ethereum
  • Price per token 0.0002 ETH
  • Hard cap 60000 ETH
  • Soft cap 10000 ETH

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