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Finished before 156 days

Time: 30.11.2018 - 15.01.2019


Cazaar is a cryptocurrency exchange project aiming to globally provide the best terms in the industry. Our main goal is to create a fast, safe, transparent and mutually profitable service with many options that provide passive income opportunities or generally more profitable than other exchanges.
We've done everything in our power to shape this ICO in a way that it’s as safe and beneficial for investors as possible.

Most important features of the project:

  • POS coin/token distribution system
  • Referral system - that benefits both the referrer and the referee
  • Trade-based fee reduction system
  • Crowdsourcing and crowd voting system - We are going to lead and shape the exchange with our users. You will have a say in the ways we operate.

Most important features of the ICO:

  • No free coins (airdrops, bounties, bonuses) --> no inflation caused by these methods.
  • 100% of the tokens is in hand of the investors
  • 100% of the tokens will be bought back
  • Real life use case


Equipment and Development Operational costs Reserves Marketing
  • Token Name CZAR
  • Platform and Token Type ERC20
  • Price per token 1 CZAR = $0.25
  • Hard cap $3 000 000
  • Soft cap $750 000


Person Image
Gyula Nemeth CEO
Person Image
Mark Szecsi CTO
Person Image
Mark Vituska Full stack developer

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