Diversified algorithmic crypto fund.

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Past ICO

Finished before 554 days

Time: 13.11.2017 - 13.12.2017


CryptoFund is a diversified algorithmic crypto fund investing in crypto technologies and blockchain.

The market of cryptocurrencies is growing at an aggressive pace. But this rapid growth is accompanied by huge volatility, uncertainty, and distrust to participants and infrastructure. Our
experience in financial markets, credibility among professional traders, investors, financiers coupled with blockchain technology makes it possible to make the crypto industry extremely transparent, open and safe for broad groups of users.

The combination of management technologies that have been proved in classical finance and fast-growing crypto assets has a fantastic potential for implementation. And this is why the Fund
was created.


Tokens to supply 3,000,000, on sale 2,000,000.


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    Alexander Boiarintsev CEO
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    Katerina Kondratenko CBDO
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    Eugene Koinov CTO
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