Global decentralized cloud services platform

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Past ICO

Finished before 483 days

Time: 29.01.2018 - 22.02.2018


DADI is a global, decentralized cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. Unlike existing centralized cloud services, DADI implements a fog computing structure - a decentralized pool of devices, all of which are connected to the Internet. Introducing DADI, a decentralized platform for web services, built on the Ethereum blockchain and committed to upholding the founding principles of the Internet by democratizing computational power.


Partners Investors Team Ecosystem Fund DADI+ ops Referral Program

The DADI token is required to:

  • Enable individuals to be part of the network and to generate income from network use
  • Pay for using the network as a customer for web services
  • Price 1 DADI = $0.50
  • Hard cap 29,000,000 USD
  • Supply 100,000,000 DADI
  • Token DADI


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Joseph Denne Funder & CEO
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Chris Mair Founder & CTO
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Will Lebens Strategy
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Paul Kingsley COO
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Robert Belgrave Wirehive CEO
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