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Past ICO

Finished before 568 days

Time: 18.12.2017 - 31.01.2018


Decoin - is a gambling market of predictions on the blockbchain and the first DCI coin provider. This is the next stage in the evolution of our first project (the betting exchange of football), which gave us a lot of positive feedback and ideas for further development.

In the beginning of the summer we learned about the advantages that blockchain gives and started to create a revolutionary project that is designed to destroy the iron gambling law "The house always wins", giving the opportunity, almost, to every player to win. Thanks to the deflationary coin, the proof-of-progress mining, loss mitigation system and other solutions, which you will learn about below.


Product development Common Expenses Other expenses Office Legal expenses Basic marketing ICO Start ICO Operating activities

DCI – (utility-token) is a coin that draws in the DeCoin system and undergoes deflation. This is the only currency for betting.

PreICO (12 Dec.) Emission 50 000 000, price 0.0000334 ETH

Total of 500 000 000 will be issued, of which:
400 000 000 (80%) for investors.
18 000 000 (18%) for team.
50 000 000 (2%) for bounty and partners

Deflation is provided by:
Burning coins during a transaction.
The system takes up to 3%. Of these, 1% is sent to the fund, which is administered by the DAO.
And 2% are destroyed, for the deflationary effect. Increase the number of players.
Increasing the number of players increases the demand for DCI on exchanges.
Increases the number of DCI in all bets.
The more DCIs participate in bets, the more they burn.
The investigator drops the offer of coins, and its price grows.
Increase of darkpool. The more the darkpool market, the more money you can win there.

  • Price 1 DCI = $0,03
  • Hard cap 40080 ETH
  • Emission 500 000 000 DCI


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Nikita Krylov CBO
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George Muravei-Alkhavoi CTO
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Vadim Bondar CEO
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Sergey Yanchevskiy Developer
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Ric Smit
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Alexei Pechkin
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