Energy Cash

Energy Cash is a blockchain platform that lessens your Carbon Footprint


Finished before 49 days

Time: 28.02.2019 - 28.05.2019


Energy Cash token is a utility token that serves as a priority access to renewable energy projects. Energy Cash is a blockchain platform that lessens your Carbon Footprint while you surfing on the web. You can earn Energy Cash tokens by visiting a network of connected websites.The Energy Cash token holders benefit from investments made in the various renewable energy projects and by simply visiting websites. The difference with other ico projects is that energy cash will make very transparent choices in which renewable energy projects will be invested.

Together with the entire Energy Cash community will be determined where the proceeds of the energy cash token will be invested. By means of an integrated voting, poll and survey system the various token holders can indicate which projects they are interested in. The token holders in the Energy Cash community can also bring new renewable energy projects to the attention of the community.


Distributed to Community Reserved Funding Founders and Team Advisors “Bounty” campaign
  • Token Name ENERGY CASH
  • Platform and Token Type Waves
  • Price per token 1 Energy Cash = 0,02 $
  • Hard cap 2,000,000 $
  • Soft cap 500,000 $


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Pedro Jose Founder
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Machiel Kuijt Co-Founder
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