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Finished before 202 days

Time: 25.09.2018 - 31.12.2018


FlipNpik is the first Collaborative Social Media for local businesses operating in an Ecosystem based on the Blockchain technology, in which the value generated is distributed in an equitable and decentralized manner among all active collaborators. The primary mission is to contribute to the improvement of the local economy and to promote the circuits of local and responsible consumption.

The FlipNpik platform offers businesses enhanced visibility generated by the participation of their community. The participatory model gives users-collaborators the opportunity to get rewards or remunerations for their actions.

Users-collaborators contribute to the value creation by enhancing businesses’ visibility through different actions, by adding new businesses on the app or by becoming an Ambassador Partner.

The FlipNpik (FNP) is a utility token, distributed and identified on the Ethereum blockchain. The Flip Social is a reward system dedicated to stimulate and retain the users of the Platform.


  • Token Name FlipNpik (FNP)
  • Platform and Token Type Ethereum, ERC20
  • Price per token 1 FNP = 0.12 USD
  • Hard cap 24,000,000 USD


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Henri Harland CEO
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Ian Lin CEO FlipNpik Asia
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