Gallactic is a blockchain ecosystem that leverages Smart Chain technology

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Finished before 311 days

Time: 13.09.2018 - 13.09.2018


Finterra has launched the open source Gallactic blockchain ecosystem which will help developers bring the value of next-generation blockchain to users worldwide. Thisc ecosystem facilitates a wide range of transactions on related Smart Chains and eternal networks, acts as a source of security, and enables the launch of new Smart Chains by third-party developers.

This ecosystem is composed of the Gallactic public main network and several other specialized Smart Chains. The main network and these Smart Chains interact with each other and all leading external networks including Ethereum, EOS, NEO, Cardano, Cosmos, and others via the Gallactic Smart Chain Protocol (GSCP). GCSP is built using a combination of smart contract functionality and efficient light-client technology, to securely pass value and smart contract state between different chains. All chains in the ecosystem support smart contract functionality. It offers a robust and responsible consensus engine on main public network.


  • Token Name GTX
  • Platform and Token Type Ethereum,ERC20
  • Price per token US$5.00 - US$0.25
  • Hard cap $100M USD
  • Soft cap 0


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