GoldMineCoin (Pre-ICO)

GMC — Cryptocurrency is provided by gold mining

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Past ICO

Finished before 524 days

Time: 01.12.2017 - 13.01.2018


We create a safe and stable crypto-currency secured by gold deposits in the Magadan Region of the Russian Federation, which will help you to save your funds at the time of the crisis, or to earn money by creating new gold deposits.

In this way we create:

  • The mechanism for protecting the investment portfolio from the falls of the exchange rates
  • A means for long-term investments with high profitability (30 percent on the growth of the rate and increase in the stock of tokens due to the loyalty program from 10 to 1000 percent per year).
  • Tool for easy investment control, input of funds withdrawal in Cryptocurrency and back
  • This Token is equal to real gold. Thereby giving the possibility of exchange for real gold GMC coin weighing 1 to 5 ounce is protected by the blockchain technology, or for cash in accordance with the market price of gold, through the assignment of coins to the escrow company.


125 000 GMC will be sold at Pre-Sale (5%)
625 000 GMC will be sold at Pre-ICO (25%)
1 250 000 GMC will be sold at ICO (50%)
125 000 GMC will be transferred on the bounty program (5%)
250 000 GMC will be transferred to the project team (10%)
125 000 GMC Escrow will be transferred to the guarantor (5%)

  • Price 1 GMC = 4 USD
  • Token GMC
  • Platform Ethereum


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Zelimkhan Daurbekov CEO
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Askhab Kostoyev Head of gold mining­
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Alexey Pechkin CTO/CTL
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Nosal Arkady Viliamovich Head of the Golden Horizon LLC

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