Graphene Power (Pre-ICO)

The future of nanotechnologies

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Past ICO

Finished before 40 days

Time: 20.12.2017 - 10.01.2018


Graphene, the thinnest and strongest material on Earth, is just one atom thick yet 150 times stronger than the same weight of steel. A square meter of graphene is 1,000 times lighter than a piece of paper and more flexible than rubber. Graphene conducts electricity more than 200 times more efficiently than silicon and is made entirely of carbon, the fourth most-abundant element in the universe.

Graphene Power technology has application in the sector of electric mobility (cars, bikes, motorcycles), electronic devices (computers, smart phones, tablets, wearables), as well as in the field of medicine. It is planned to set up the nano-material graphene manufacturing plant "GRAPHENE POWER" in Yecla, Spain. The plant will be producing the products on the basis of graphene. The plant will be massively producing the batteries and super condensers using the graphene. Quick charge and long term batteries lighter and cheaper than their analogues.


Pre-sale ICO Advisers, Consultants Bounty Founders

The internal transactions of platform ┬źNano International Sales┬╗ will be carried out on basis of GRP tokens. In the future the quotation of GRP token inside the platform will be going up in price depending on the number of users and deals. It will be possible to transfer GRP token out of platform and convert it into such currency as Ethereum, Bitcoin, USD, EUR.

  • Price 1 ETH = 6000 GRP
  • Hard cap 5000 ETH
  • Soft cap 2000 ETH
  • Token GRP
  • Platform Ethereum


Person Image
Joshya Garcia Co-Founder, VP for Product Development
Person Image
Samir Ortega Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Board Member
Person Image
Alfredo Martinez Production Engineer
Person Image
Jack Cavanez R&D Engineer
Person Image
Marcus Hersan Commercial Director
Person Image
James Corden Research & Development Engineer
Person Image
Erik Lemnios Executive Director
Person Image
Sara Pinnell Board Observer

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