Mobile strategy video game built on Waves

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Finished before 319 days

Time: 15.05.2018 - 31.08.2018


Lserchain is a free mobile strategy game that uses it's own Waves-based LaserChain(LSC) token as an in-game currency that players earn and can fight over. LSC can be withdrawn from game, traded on outside exchanges and be kept in external wallets.
Players can earn LSC tokens by attacking other players, or by placing a special building on players base. The mining system will adopt to the number of players, gradually decreasing the output as new people join the game. LaserChain tokens can be spent on in-game powerups and content.

There will be a limited number on tokens on sale from the website, to jumpstart the game economy and incentivize battles, once they are gone players could only get tokens through game mining mechanisms or from other players.


  • Token Name LaserChain
  • Platform and Token Type Waves
  • Price per token $0.1
  • Hard cap 200,000,000 LSC

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