NCRYPTO.IO is a multicurrency tokenization platform

Pre-ICO Past ICO

Finished before 373 days

Time: 17.04.2018 - 17.06.2018


NCRYPTO.IO is a blockchain platform to simplify and economically optimize interactions between businesses and individuals, rather than offer another way of crowdfunding or running so-called ICO (Initial Coin Offering). NCRYPTO.IO is being presented a mass-market product that can simplify the engagement of massive numbers of users into capabilities that the Cryptoeconomy gives.

Users of the platform get a convenient instrument (Web/IOS/Android applications):

  • to deposit funds including fiat (USD/EURO) -to work with different currencies
  • to exchange at an integrated exchange
  • to withdraw to his/her card or bank account -to issue his/her own token or asset
  • to define and set its own logic of crowdfunding
  • to get an integrated customizing payment model to interact with crowdinvestors


bounty account advisors project team development fund
  • Token Name NCR
  • Platform and Token Type Ethereum, ERC20
  • Price per token 0.1 USD
  • Hard cap 42,000,000 NCR


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Dmitriy Pavlov CEO, co-founder
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Sergey Nemesh CTO, co-founder
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Andrii Bulavinov Blockchain developer, co-founder
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Dmitry Bezkorovainyi Blockchain/IOS developer
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Svetlana Turobova Legal
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