Online payment for porn websites

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Past ICO

Finished before 543 days

Time: 11.02.2018 - 25.02.2018


The PORNX token was created as a decentralized ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain Unlike today's payment solutions for crypto currency, PORNX will not be used in the usual Ethereum environment, where commissioners charge commission for confirmation of transactions. PORNX will be implemented in the Lightning Network, which will reduce the commission for the transaction and make the payment lightning-fast, comparable to Visa / MasterCard, while remaining anonymous and secure.


Technical development of the project Promotion of the project Marketing Integration partners Operating expenses for the company Salary fund before the release Registration, patent development Taxation

The coin has an economic meaning inside the X-Q Pay payment system – it is PORNX that will be accepted as payment on the porn sites and it will be the discount on payment for it.

  • Hard cap 70,000 ETH
  • Soft cap 21,000 ETH
  • Token PORNX
  • Plaftorm Ethereum


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Martin Benson CEO & Co-founder
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Damian Lerner COO
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Edward Salisburry Product Manager
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David Goldfein Mobile Developer
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