Revoil (Pre-ICO)

Technology to gather shale oil and blockchain to distribute it through tokens

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Past ICO

Finished before 541 days

Time: 28.11.2017 - 31.12.2017


REVOIL is the community of common workers engineers and scientists from oil industry. We are fed up with the fact that our industry is closed for outsiders, inefficient and harmful for nature.

We want to break rules, change the game and disrupt the industry. We want to make it transparent, so everyone can see how natural resources are harvested and safe for the environment, so human beings can stay on this planet for an extra millions of years.

To achieve this we:
1. Invented the technology, with which we can gather shale oil with ultra-efficiency and low pollution level
2. Use blockchain to store data from oil wells and fairly distribute it
3. Founded oilmen community
4. Provide members with the right to possess extracted oil through tokens (1 Oil Token = 1 Barrel of oil)
5. Give all members a chance to participate through voting for technical, management and operational decisions
6. Share extracted oil with active community members through bonuses


Oil Tokens give a right to possess 1 Barrel of extracted oil.
1 Oil Token = 1 Barrel of oil.

Token Distribution:
Token Launch phases – 70%
Team – 8%
Development – 15%
Advisers – 5%
Bounty – 2%

Bonuses – Day 1 – 150% bonus

  • Price 1 RVL = 10 USD
  • Token RVL
  • Platform Ethereum


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Konstantin Shchekoldin Founder & CEO
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Vitaly Kharchenko Deputy director
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Seymur Veliev Senior oil production specialist
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Maxim Kozhushko Senior oilfield development specialist
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Andrey Ostistiy Chief Engineer
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Sergey Manucharyan Head of Oilfield Development Department


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Arkady Bokserman Owner of patent on Thermal-gas-stimulation method
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Sergey Volpin Oilfield development, Production
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Aleksandr Polischyuk Geological prospecting, Production
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Roman Bansal Finance & Investments
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Dmitriy Ishimbayev Legal
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Dmitry Lapkin Business Strategy Development
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Maxim Makarov Supply Chain & Operations

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