Decentralized event management & marketing protocol

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Finished before 141 days

Time: 01.12.2018 - 02.03.2019


Sponsify is developing a decentralized P2P protocol for event marketing. The protocol allows you to reward users for the promotion of events and will create more efficient and economical model of event-marketing. In this way, Event organizers may not use the services of centralized advertising platforms/companies.

The main feature of events (eg concerts) is that they involve the participation of people in different groups. Based on the Law of David P. Reed (2 N - N - 1), a P2P marketing protocol based on reward will lead to a rapid mass distribution of crypto-tokens, due to the formation of a large number interactions between users.


  • Token Name SPO
  • Platform and Token Type Ethereum, ERC20
  • Price per token 1 SPO = 0.10 USD
  • Hard cap 12,500,000 USD
  • Soft cap 1,200,000 USD

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