Sportience (Pre-ICO)

Sportience allow to have a real influence on a real professional football club

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Past ICO

Finished before 548 days

Time: 05.12.2017 - 19.12.2017


Sportience will build a system in which each decision will be taken collectively, discussions and surveys will be created by everyone, and every person will be able to vote.

Depending on the money invested (the minimum amount of the contribution is 10 Sportience tokens), the person will have the vote of a certain degree of influence on each poll. In the system it will be impossible to unite in certain groups, choose a leader and trust him the voting or decision-making - each person votes only for himself, this is the principle of our collective management. Depending on the funds invested, the “influencer's” voice will have a certain power, and our mathematical algorithm based on blockchain technology will monitor this.


The value of the Sportience tokens will only grow, as its quantity is limited, and there will be more and more money in the Sportience system not only with the help of new and renewable users, but also thanks to the money distribution – because the part of fiat money from buying tickets by fans, selling football players to another clubs, money awarding by the Football League for the matches won etc., would be exchanged in large amounts in Sportience tokens because the fair distribution would be carried out only in our tokens.

100 million Sportience tokens will be issued on Waves platform.
10% of Sportience tokens will be offered for sale during pre-ICO.

Reserve Fund – 13 mln.
Sportience Fund for the team and partners – 8 mln.
Bonuses – 6 mln.
Available for purchase – 28 mln.

Early investors are offered a start bonus:
• 05-12-17 (UTC 00:00 – UTC 23:59) – investors get a +30% start bonus;
• 06-12-17 (UTC 00:00) – 07-12-17 (UTC 23:59) – investors get a +15% start bonus;
• 08-12-17 (UTC 00:00) – 11-12-17 (UTC 23:59) – investors get a +10% start bonus;
• 12-12-17 (UTC 00:00) – 19-12-17 (UTC 23:59) – no bonus provided.

35% of Sportience tokens will be offered for sale during ICO.
Cap – 3 400 000$.
1 Sportience token price – 0,097$.

  • Price 1 Sportience = 0,2 USD
  • Hard cap 200,000 USD


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Roman Zhur CEO
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Viktoriya Ovcharova CMO
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Mikhail Alekseev CTO
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