Titan XRP

Titan XRP is the Hedge Fund for all, regardless of your income level!

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Finished before 112 days

Time: 19.11.2018 - 28.02.2019


We are here to enlighten, inspire and to ignite change for the common good, by creating better access to a global hedge fund for those seeking to participate in cryptocurrency and avoid the high barriers to entry.

Titan XRP vastly differs from other funds due to its extreme levels of security.

Alongside having a team with a wealth of experience and creating a unique business model, we have engaged with some of the most highly skilled current and former Military personnel in the world to ensure our client’s assets are secured in every way possible.

The ledger is stored in a secure facility in a vault under armed guard in the United Kingdom. The ledger never leaves the vault under any circumstances.


  • Token Name Titanization Token
  • Platform and Token Type ERC20
  • Price per token $5
  • Hard cap 500,000,000 USD
  • Soft cap 50,000,000 USD


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Leon Campbell Chief Executive Officer
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Michelle Whelan Cheif Operating officer
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Nathan Hayles Chief Technology Officer
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Francis Whelan Specialist Advisor: Intelligence-Strategics-Security
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Adele Josephine King Investment Advisor
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