TokenGo (Pre-ICO)

A Fair rewarding, powered blockchain based, business tokenization platform

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Past ICO

Finished before 526 days

Time: 11.12.2017 - 10.01.2018


TokenGo is a blockchain based business tokenization platform offering a fair reward to its participants.

The TokenGo platform is based on a blockchain using proprietary solutions designed and coded from scratch to improve speed and scaling performance of the network.

TokenGo offers a consolidated web platform with personal cabinets and comprehensive information on connected and forthcoming services and projects as well as the current ICO procedures.

The TokenGo Community’s web platform enables participants to create media content in the form of reviews, expert analyses or analytical forecasts, and hold discussions using comments and votes.

The TokenGo community strongly supports the concept of economic incentives as the main tool for attracting participants and, consequently, allowing them to receive fair remuneration, proportional to their contribution.


Crowdsale Team Strategic partners and early investors Bounty

Up to 90% of all produced GoCoins will be distributed among GoPower token holders.

Therefore, the main driver of the token cost growth is the possibility of participating in GoCoin production.

GoPower has paramount importance when distributing GoCoins (GOC) – TokenGo’s in-house cryptocurrency. Thus, under otherwise equal conditions, the more GPT a participant of TokenGo has on the account when remunerations are accrued, the more coins he or she will receive to the account as a result of distributing the total amount of GOC produced by minting.

GoPower provides Voting Power which is 10 times higher than that of GoCoin for earning income from voting.

The Voting Power is directly dependent on whether a participant has GoPower and GoCoin. Thus, the higher the Power value, the higher the TokenGo Voting Power this particular participant has when voting.

  • Price 1 GPT = 0.00057143 ETH
  • Hard cap 5000 ETH
  • Soft cap 1000 ЕTH
  • Token GPT


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Anton Benderskiy Founder and CEO Blockchain Architect
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Petr Gusev Cofounder and CTO Lead Blockchain Developer
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Zhenish Tokoev Lead Software Engineer Smart Сontracts Developer
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Igor Pavlov Lead Software Engineer
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Azat Tokoev Quality Assurance Engineer
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Roman Kalinovskiy UI/UX Designer
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Sergey Lyapovka International Strategy Manager
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Kseniya Lyapovka Community Manager

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