Utility payment blockchain platform

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Finished before 202 days

Time: 18.06.2018 - 31.12.2018


Treon (TXO), provider of the world’s first “Utilities Token” that securely and seamlessly enables consumers around the world, including the unbanked, to easily manage and pay for their telecom, energy, and water usage.

The Treon vision is to create a new paradigm in the way consumers worldwide will pay utilities such as telecom, energy, and water, creating equal access to easy, reliable system of payment for everyone that avoids lengthy waits in line at utility office and serves the needs of the 3.8 billion unbanked mobile users* all over the world (*According to World Bank and GSMA).


Team ICO Reserve (to be burned after the ICO ends) Founders Ecosystem
  • Token Name Treon (TXO)
  • Platform and Token Type Ethereum, ERC20
  • Price per token 6000 TXO = 1 ETH
  • Hard cap 25,000,000 USD
  • Soft cap 4,000,000 USD


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Hesham ElMetainy CEO
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Khaled Khorshid CCO
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