Global platform for money transfer operators

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Finished before 203 days

Time: 30.09.2018 - 30.12.2018


ZED Network is a platform for Money Transfer Operators (MTOs) using ZED tokens for instant remittance settlements. ZED tokens are issued on top of the Stellar distributed ledger and utilize smart contracts to ensure full KYC on all ZED token holders.

ZED Network is a compliance-friendly solution enabling MTOs to leverage a leading blockchain technology to rapidly scale their business. We provide state of the art Web/ Mobile Apps, a robust back office admin and built-in compliance tools for a comprehensive “remittance in a box” solution.

ZED Network eliminates dependency on correspondent banks in favor of a global, distributed network of licensed MTOs to create a faster, cheaper, more transparent money transfer network.


Token Sales Team Investments & Community Programs Vested Reserves
  • Token Name ZED
  • Platform and Token Type Stellar Lumens
  • Price per token 1 ZED = 0.05 USD
  • Hard cap 150,000,000 USD
  • Soft cap 20,000,000 USD


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Alan Safahi CEO
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Chris Seidensticker CFO
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Johns Beharry CTO
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Kian Beyzavi CBO
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